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Taiwan is a solitary island on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, lying off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Strait from China. Taiwan known, especially in the past, as Formosa (Ilha Formosa) meaning "Beautiful Island" from Portuguese, is also reputable for its towering mountains and beautiful coastal scenes. Taiwan now has established 8 national parks and 13 national scenic areas to preserve its best natural ecological environment and cultural sites. The blending of Hakka, Taiwanese, indigenous people and Chinese cultures has produced a rich plethora of cultural and social color. Most importantly, National Palace Museum, located in outskirt of Taipei City, is home to essence of the five-thousand-year Chinese history. It has the finest collections of Chinese Arts, providing an eye-opening experience of Chinese culture.

Riding the YouBike to see the beautiful Taoyuan!

To promote cycling among the general public as a mode of short-distance transportation, the Taoyuan City Government Department of Transportation (hereinafter "the authorities") has established the "Taoyuan City Public Bicycle Rental System Establishment, Operation, and Management ' project, offering a citywide bicycle path network with bicycle rental stations to encourage people to use less polluting, low-energy bicycles for short-range feeder transport, reduce and transfer the possession and use of private motor vehicles, in order to achieve the purpose of improved urban road congestion, environmental pollution, and energy consumption. Always striving to upgrade the city's lifestyle and culture, and in response to the global trend of carbon reduction, the Taoyuan City Government and Taiwan Giant have joined forces to launch the Taoyuan City Public Bicycle Rental System Project, known for short as "YouBike (Smiling Bike)"